Under our profichip brand, we offer a comprehensive portfolio in the field of industrial communication and control ASICs.

Industrial communication, a challenging industry - but that's exactly what we have been dedicating ourselves to for years: PLCs, SPCs and I/O systems are the application fields for our products. profichip controllers are specifically and exclusively designed to satisfy the constantly growing demands of the automation industry.


Real Time Ethernet

The new ANTAIOS multi-fieldbus controller from profichip enables higher integration in a smaller package to fulfill the requirements of the industrial automation market.

The latest development by profichip combines a powerful ARM Cortex-A5 processor for advanced user applications with an effective and very flexible communication technology for today´s industrial applications demanding sophisticated real-time capabilities. It is designed for remote-IO´s, gateways, sensors, actors and communication master modules.

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SliceBus Backplane Technology

Our new NOTOS chipset enables you to use our latest backplane technology. The SliceBus 2.0 technology was created to deliver many additional functionalities in a price sensitive small frame.

Through speeds, up to 192 MBit/s, our new backplane system won’t be your bottleneck in an Ethernet-based communication system.

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Controllers from profichip are the pulse generators of all automation tasks. With an emphasis on "all". Because every profichip product is customized for a specific application in the field of ​​industrial communication, and we are already covering most of the leading communication protocols.

VPC3+S PROFIBUS DP Slave Controller with serial Interface
VPC3+C PROFIBUS DP Slave Controller
MPI12x Multi Point Interface Controller
SNAP+ Backplane Controller for high speed Remote I/O

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The bus connector EasyConn PB is used for the connection of PROFIBUS participants to the bus line. The fully visible diagnostic LEDs facilitate the installation considerably. Users can immediately check the status of bus activity, termination resistors, power supply and bus status. The integrated controller supports transmission rate of up to 12 MBit/s.

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