AC Drive GA700

For industrial application

Flexible, Easy to Use, and Incredibly Reliable!

The GA700 is the start into a new generation of YASKAWA inverter drives for industrial applications. Compact in size and loaded with new features that make installation and setup as simple as never before, the GA700 is the right choice for success in almost any application.

GA700 supports all major motor types.

Maximum Flexibility

Different requirements – one solution. The GA700 offers valuable features providing the flexibility to fulfill various requirements and needs with just one type of inverter drive.

  • Large power range up to 630 kW, for constant and variable torque
  • Control of Induction, Permanent Magnet and Synchronous Reluctance motors without the need for motor data tuning
  • Easy network integration with cost effective 1-to-5 gateway function
  • DriveWorksEZ block programming for application adaption without external controllers 

Easy Operation

The GA700 comes with built-in functions and new services for a simple and time saving startup and troubleshooting without the need of studying manuals.

  • Tactile keypad with multi-lingual graphical display, auto-backup, real-time clock, copy function and data logger, optional Bluetooth
  • Built-in startup wizard for guided parameter setup without manuals
  • DriveWizard Mobile smartphone app for drive setup, monitoring, guided trouble shooting with connection to YASKAWA Drive Cloud service for data backup and online documentation

YASKAWA Drive Manuals

  • Access to latest GA700 manuals
  • Manuals for upcoming drive models when these are released
  • Download of Manuals for offline use
  • Search function helps finding relevant topics in seconds
  • Bookmark your favourite topics
  • Add your own comments and notes to any content

Reliable Machinery

Install and forget - As all YASKAWA products the GA700 inverter drives are designed for a hassle free long time operation in any application.

  • Coated PCBs as standard
  • Designed for 10 years of maintenance free operation
  • Built-in functional safety features, EMC filter, DC choke, braking chopper and more to save space and cost for external components while improving the application reliability

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