Grid-scale storage solution

Overcoming traditional technology limits

Overcoming traditional technology limits

When you need to store energy, solutions from The Switch give you a unique way to reach higher efficiency and reliable performance. Based on permanent magnet (PM) technology, our drive trains offer a proven way to reach a lower levelized cost of energy.

Ideal solutions for energy storage

Our solutions are ideal for battery-based or air-compression based energy storage. Our permanent magnet machine and power converter packages help you avoid supply-demand constraints when feeding power into the grid.

The Switch innovative energy storage solutions offer high efficiency, smooth grid interconnection capabilities and field-proven reliability.

Permanent magnet generators

We design and manufacture tailor-made permanent magnet (PM) generators for a wide variety of applications. High motor torque, which can be smoothly controlled, is guaranteed throughout the drive speed range – even at the lowest speeds.

Power converters

The Switch’s power electronics are the ultimate solution to any distributed power issue. These products are electrically and mechanically designed to provide top reliability to meet any conceivable need. Our proven product platform delivers seamless interoperability with all other hardware and software systems.